Bird Seed Catcher ! no more bird seed mess.

Made in the USA


Our new Bird Seed Catcher is perfect for  eliminating bird seed waste!  Our heavy duty breathable mesh fabric  allows your bird feeder to catch any seed that is knocked out of place  while eliminating rodents such as mice, birds and rats from continuously eating your lost bird seed!  Our breathable mesh  fabric will not kill your grass as it allows air to flow through the  material while catching any seeds that are knocked off by squirrels,  birds, or mother nature.  Our Bird Seed Catcher comes with 2 – 9 inch  poly carbonate stakes to attach to the ground so the wind will not  blow the  catcher beneath your shrubs creating a tight seal around the  stem/trunk.  This makes it a breeze for removing small trimmings from  your shrubs from your mulch or rock beds.  Our Clip Catcher has a 1' inch lip around the perimeter of the cover to hold all the trimmings on the cover without falling into your mulch or rock beds. Whether you are a professional landscaper, avid gardener, or homeowner  with a Saturday “honey-do” list, you know that cleaning up after  trimming or pruning you bushes and hedges is time consuming. Our Clip Catcher is designed to cut down your clean up time to seconds instead of long hours or entire afternoons.  No more picking up individual clippings out  of rock beds or losing expensive mulch and soil from raking or power  blowing.  The Clip Catcher is easily placed  under your plants; it catches the clippings as you trim; then easily  slides back out for disposal in a wheelbarrow or area of your choice.It’s that Easy!  Check out our video page to see for yourself, and then place your order today !