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The Plant Protection Invention

Shrub Coat is the invention of Steve Bakowski – New York State  Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional, horticulturist, and  resident of Clarence, NY.  After more than 30 years in the landscaping  business, Steve knew his customers needed a better way than burlap to  protect their valuable plants and shrubbery from deer and rabbit damage  and destruction by harsh winter elements.  Since there wasn’t anything  commercially available, he spent four years experimenting with ideas and  concepts on his own.  The result is the superior plant protection  products offered by the Shrub Coat Family of Products.Since its introduction, The Shrub Coat has received rave reviews from homeowners and industry professionals alike. In fact, we’ve expanded our family of winter plant protection products to include The Shrub Cover and All Season Screening,we also offer time saving products for your summer chores of trimming your shrubs and feeding the birds. Check out our video page for all our problem solving products We thank you for your order.


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